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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Still Here

Ok finding work, children and life in general making it hard to keep up with this blog.

I really do need to get my rear in gear and get typing.

I have been keeping up with posting to Twitter @remotetheater and on the Facebook page regularly so make sure to check those out.

And I promise to get these stories out more often.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Trailers Trailers Trailers

Ok so I need to really get into this site being about movies a bit more.

To assist myself in this I am going to use the heck out of Twitter and Facebook. 

So please follow @remotetheater on Twitter and like the Remote Theater Facebook page. And feel free to retweet my Twitter posts and share my Facebook page updates with all your friends and family.

Thank you all for reading

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How to Train Your Dragon 2 (or How to Take a 2 Year Old to the Movies)


I was lucky enough to head to the movies and catch How to Train Your Dragon 2 recently. Now as a parent of three toddlers going to any movie at the theater is a feat in itself but this movie had to be seen. I really enjoyed the first movie and love the TV series ( have seen the movie and show so many times I could recite whole scenes). So this movie had to be seen on the big screen. It was also significant because it was the first movie that my wife and I took our 2 year old to see. So officially the first movie he has been to see (well that he will know about....hope he does not remember us taking him to see Ted at 6 months....there were plenty of other parents at that cry baby session so do not judge me) in the theater. So not only did I get to see a fun, warm and tear jerker of a film but I got to see it through the eyes of one very small (but very large) Toothless fan.

So this will not only be a review of the new movie but will also be a tale all about what was a wonderful experience with my family....and away we go.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 (referred as Dragons 2 throughout the review because it so much easier to type) is the direct sequel to the first movie taking place about five years since Hiccup and crew found out that riding dragons is better then fighting them. And just as magical and action packed as the first movie was the sequel did not disappoint. This has to be one of those rare sequels that is easily as good if not better then the original. And that is saying a lot considering most sequels loose a little bit of its punch because expectations are high but not Dragons 2. Hiccup this time around meets up with a very large human villain this round in Drago Bludvist and his dragon army. But joining him in his fight is not only his merry band of riders but his very much alive and mysterious mother, Valka, also a dragon rider and Eret a dragon trapper in Drago's employee.

Every moment of this movie had myself (and my little boy) on the edge of my seats. Beautiful animation, wonderful voice cast and a completely engaging story made for a wonderful night of movie viewing.


And sitting there watching the whole thing with me was my little boy. His big Build-A-Bear Toothless beside him staring intently at the screen catching everything while seriously chowing down on my popcorn....must have been the cool Dragons 2 popcorn bucket but he was not getting my drink....ok he got the little Toothless topper but I got the drink....ok he got a little. This is a little kids dream getting to come to the movies and have a bit of junk food. He sat there enjoying every second. And at that age his reactions are just so much more animated than an adults. He cheered for the heroes, had a little sook during the emotional moments (even climbing I to mom's arms once) and even had a little giggle for the funny bits (usually anything involving the twins....TJ Miller and Kristen Wig are just made to be the voice of the troublesome twins). It was the magic I had as a kid going to see a movie and I got to sit there and watch it unfold. I wonder if it was as beautiful an experience for my dad taking me to the movies as it was for me and my wife taking our little boy. And even better I get to do it two more times.

I really did enjoy this movie a lot. I am now looking forward to the direction the TV show takes (next season being called Dragon Masters and taking place after the film) and where the third movie in the trilogy will go. 

  1. Easily this movie gets a 10 out of 10 and will be watched again and again and again once it reaches BluRay. Thank you cast and crew for not only a great film but giving me and my family an experience we will remember for a lifetime.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy Anniversary My Wife 7 Years And A Top 7 Movies That Remind Me OfYou

Seven years ago on 07/07/07 I married the love of my life, my wife Ange.

I was lucky enough to come across this wonderful woman one day trolling the movie chat rooms. One Goonies reference from each of us and it was love....we had to give each other a big fat lickery kiss.

In our time together she has not only loved me but she encouraged me to remain a dork, enjoy my Lego, made me start this site and gave me three wonderful very spirited boys. I love her as much today as I did then. 

So to ring in our seventh year together I thought what a better tribute to her then create a new favorite movie list. Something that will be a love note forever on the internet. 

So I give you.....Top Seven (get it top years....married 07/07/07....I know explaining it looses the impact but this is my writing style) Movies That Remind Me Of My Wife

1) The Goonies: The movie that brought us together. And what a great movie of action and adventure for the family. I want our kids to be as adventurous and to search for buried treasure.

2) Shrek 2: This was our first date movie. Ange had come to the United States for our first visit together and I took her to see this animated classic. And I am a big Ogre and she loves me.

3) Ted: Why because we went to see Ted at a Cry Baby session taking our 6 month old son (who luckily slept through most of it). We were so concerned we were being bad parents until we saw the good 30 to 40 other parents bringing their sleepy babies to hear the foul mouthed teddy.

4) Captain America: Techincally our first movie with our first child....he was still four months away from birth but he was as excited to see the first Avenger as we were and kicking away inside through all the action packed scenes. Was a nice first family outing. 

5) How to Train Your Dragon: This had to be the first movie where I saw my wife get emotional. She always has a little smile when I get choked up in a movie so was a nice change of pace to see her get a little teary eyed.

6) The Matchmaker: This is one of my wife's favorite movies. She used to have just an old VHS copy for so long that we would watch. So one year I was able to find a DVD version and now I do not need to have the VCR hooked up anymore.

7) A Christmas Story: Besides being a big part of my life in general this is the first movie I tried to get my wife to watch that she did not care for. I believe that she just did not watch it under the correct circumstances like for 24 hours on Christmas Eve but it could just be me.

There you go many more memories tied to movies and all having to do with my wonderful wife and our anniversary.

Love ya babydoll every year just gets better with you.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I Am Still Here

Hi all

I know everyone has seriously been wondering where is that Remote Theater guy....ok not really but you could make me feel good and say you did.

I am here just life brought a stop to things for a couple days. 

Will be posting away this week.

Have a movie review, couple stories and more soon.

Going to start tweeting ( @remotetheater ) and posting on the Facebook page some trailers soon as well.

So keep reading because I will keep writing.