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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Making Some Changes

Ok so I am trying to add pages and some other content to the page. So don't mind the dust because as soon as everything has settled will be a ok.

I have got a store for Remote Theater up and running. Click on The Remote Candy Bar and check out some of my favourite movies, soundtracks, toys and collectibles and of course actual candy (lollies, sweets, chocolates...whatever you want to call it). Not a lot there now but trust me there will be tons.

Hope everyone enjoys the new changes. I know I will enjoy making them.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Robin Williams: A Top Ten

Robin Williams was one of my favorite actors so I really feel I could not go without revealing my top ten most loved Robin Williams' movies.

1) Club Paradise: "No man is an island Jack" truer today then ever.
2) Dead Poet's Society: introduced to me by another great man, my English teacher Mr Gino Abbesinio, may he also rest in piece
3) Popeye: "I am what I am"
4) Hook: remember never grow up completely
5) Aladdin: we never had a friend like you but we all wanted one Genie
6) One Hour Photo: just showed an amazing range of skill
7) World's Greatest Dad: did not need the gratuitous nude Robin Williams scene but also made the movie
8) Man of the Year: humor really is needed in the White House
9) Patch Adams: a smile goes a long way
10) The Fisher King: all those that are lost can be found

This is one actor that everyone will truly miss. My condolences to Williams' wife, children and friends and to all your fans out there.

Robin Williams A Loss to All

I still remember watching an episode of Happy Days and the Fonz having to match wits with a weird alien that sat on his head and drank with his finger. I laughed so hard that episode. I wanted so much to see more of that wacky alien and before you knew it that crazy alien had his own show, Mork and Mindy. Every week I would eagerly sit and watch Mork with my family tears rolling down my cheeks as I laughed. Robin Williams was probably the first actor that touched me and I became a huge fan.

Everything he did was gold to me and it did not matter what others or critics thought I enjoyed every moment of Williams career. Heck it would be safe to say that because of my fandom of Williams I became a fan of movies and TV, Comedy especially. He made me look at the world with a smile and a joke. Even when I was down watching one of his movies and listening to his stand up brought me back from the brink. Reminding me to never take the world too serious. 

So when the news came to me that Robin Williams had passed away I felt it to my core. It was like a family member passing. Someone I had known so long was gone in an instant. I feel even worse that this blog had not become popular enough so hopefully one day I would get a chance to meet or talk with him.

Then to find out that a person that seemed to be the happiest in the world died of suicide it was heart wrenching. How? Why? This was Robin Williams, funny man extraordinaire and to find out how he was battling with the same depression and hurt that millions feel (myself even at times have felt the world on my shoulders and considered the end as a means out) made him less super human and more human...and his passing pained me even more. 

I have read post after post on Facebook, Twitter and on countless news sites. Tribute videoes have been made by the dozen and thousands of pictures have been posted. It saddened me even more to see so many people have been touched by a man they never knew but yet he did not see it.

So Robin is gone and we all grieve as his family grieves. Have a moment and catch up on a favorite Williams movie. Say a na-nu na-nu to a passerby. And remember that no man is an island Jack. Depression hits even the biggest of us so the littlest of us remember that you are not alone. 

Give and help to all those affected by depression 

Review of Transformers: Age of Extinction (or Review of Explosions withStory About Robots....BIG Robots)

Sorry long overdue.

I keep starting and stopping and then wipe everything away and start again.

Basically I am not sure how I feel about the fourth movie in the Transformers franchise. I enjoyed it probably more then the second or third movie but still I felt it was lacking a little something.

I will give the movie a 7 out of 10 but can seriously say not sure how I feel about the franchise as a whole.

I grew up on the Transformers and over the years have seen the multiple series and have liked some and others could care less about. So I was excited when Hollywood decided to make a live action movie. But ultimately I was somewhat underwhelmed.

Special effects are awesome and have been ultimately happy with the robots chosen but the story is just lacking a little bit. The humans in the movies have been ok but their chemistry together has been a bit off. There have been moments here and there that people shine but then the next movie comes out and the good characters are gone and new ones come in that mess everything up again. And Bay I know you love your explosions but really think there may be a smidge too many. 

In total the franchise gets about a 5 for me. I find the movies entertaining but they do need a bit more substance. Michael Bay go back and watch the original series and get a feel of what made it last so long. See if you can find that magic element and bring it to movie 5. 

I will say about the new movie. Go see it if you have been entertained by the previous movies in the franchise. I was entertained and did enjoy it but was not wowed by it.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy: Marvel Done Good...Really Good

I said it early on that for Marvel's Cinematic Universe to succeed Guardians will need to be good. And oh my god they delivered. And now this truly opens up Marvel's library for some serious movie magic. 

And the success of Guardians now has Marvel stepping up and decided another lesser known set of characters need a movie. And we are getting The Inhumans coming soon to a theater near you in the future. 

And the discussions from fans surrounding Ant-Man is amping up. And the buzz for Big Hero 6 (even though not part of the universe) is getting good. All off this ragtag group of outlaws and their fun ride of a film.

So what is next Marvel? Finally a Black Panther movie? What about Alpha Flight (not sure if with Fox or not) to bring in the mutants since X-Men is not coming back to the fold just yet? How about Power Pack? Would make another great animated Disney feature like Big Hero 6...just saying.

The possibilities are just endless now for Marvel. 

So back to Guardians of the You really came through for fans on this one Marvel. A few people I know said they went in not wanting to like a raccoon with a gun or a wrestler trying to be an actor and left loving both. I have to agree with them.

Every character worked and worked well together. The humor was always there but did not overshadow the action or drama of the story. And the soundtrack (now part of my music library) was incredible. It is rare that a movie has a soundtrack that just adds that extra element of awesome. 

There is something for everyone in this movie and is far from disappointing. I have heard some reviewers and people saying this is the best of the Marvel series so far. I may not go that far but I will say that it exceeded my expectations. 

Marvel I give this movie and solid 9 out of 10. Please keep up the great work with the lesser known characters.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Oz Comic Con Day of Comics, Toys, Cosplayers and Queues (lots of queues)

Ok this is really late but had to be finished.

Nothing like a day of nerdiness and what a better way then to be amongst my own kind at Oz Comic Con.

Now I use the term Comic Con lightly because these conventions have less and less to do with comics and more to do with pop culture, TV shows, games and movies. And there were a lot of toys, games, stars and such but the amount of actual comics it had was seriously lacking. Guess I am an old purist.

But that being said the amount of pop cultureness was as huge as ever. And I was among those fans lining up to get in and search for the newest and coolest for their collections. Working my way through the autograph lines and picture lines for a brush with stardom.

So let's get into Oz Comic Con....wwwwooooo......ok enough excitement let's get to the nitty gritty.

So myself and the rest of the crew headed into the hallowed halls of Royal Exhibition Hall in Melbourne and were immediately placed in a queue.....first of many. Now standing by the ticket tent waiting for the media pass to get that full unprecedented access I quickly saw the lines growing and growing for those that paid for tickets and those still wanting to buy tickets. I have been among these people in the past and was glad not to be among them now. Not becuase of who those people are but because it is a long ass line....I hate lines but love dorky is a catch 22. 


Within the hall was a multitude of stands, people and toys....way too many to buy. I was glad to see at least one large company there with Nintendo showing off the latest and greatest in gaming. Would have been good to have a big comic company showing off like Marvel or DC but again not what comic cons are about anymore. King's Comics had a great showing with a stand full of trades and toys. And had a great chat with the folks from Iconic Studio Creations (and no they would not let me look in the Tardis.....something about blowing my mind and leaving me a dumbfounded vegetable after seeing in to the heart of time and space.....or just shattering the illusion of what is in there).....but it is ok...I did not want to be privy to the truth...*sniff*. 

Got a couple shots with the guys and gals of the 501st raising money for the Monash Health Services (always take a pic with these folks and give to their charity of choice for the day they do a wonderful job). 

And of course we stood in lots of lines for food, toilets, to get in....luckily with the media pass did not have to stand in the massive queue of people that had pre-purchased tickets or wanted to buy on the day......God bless those poor souls standing there in the cold waiting.

Now there were plenty of stars (check out for interview with voice over actor Jason Marsden) but unfortunately I was not able to get in for the interview day and we did not head to any of the panels. Today for us was just a look around at everyone's wares and checking out the cosplayers. Just being general sticky beaks.

Overall would say Oz Comic Con is worth the price to get in and have a quick look around and make some purchases. Head on out next year and give them a look. Next year will have to get in some interviews and get a couple pictures with a few favorite stars.