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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy: Marvel Done Good...Really Good

I said it early on that for Marvel's Cinematic Universe to succeed Guardians will need to be good. And oh my god they delivered. And now this truly opens up Marvel's library for some serious movie magic. 

And the success of Guardians now has Marvel stepping up and decided another lesser known set of characters need a movie. And we are getting The Inhumans coming soon to a theater near you in the future. 

And the discussions from fans surrounding Ant-Man is amping up. And the buzz for Big Hero 6 (even though not part of the universe) is getting good. All off this ragtag group of outlaws and their fun ride of a film.

So what is next Marvel? Finally a Black Panther movie? What about Alpha Flight (not sure if with Fox or not) to bring in the mutants since X-Men is not coming back to the fold just yet? How about Power Pack? Would make another great animated Disney feature like Big Hero 6...just saying.

The possibilities are just endless now for Marvel. 

So back to Guardians of the You really came through for fans on this one Marvel. A few people I know said they went in not wanting to like a raccoon with a gun or a wrestler trying to be an actor and left loving both. I have to agree with them.

Every character worked and worked well together. The humor was always there but did not overshadow the action or drama of the story. And the soundtrack (now part of my music library) was incredible. It is rare that a movie has a soundtrack that just adds that extra element of awesome. 

There is something for everyone in this movie and is far from disappointing. I have heard some reviewers and people saying this is the best of the Marvel series so far. I may not go that far but I will say that it exceeded my expectations. 

Marvel I give this movie and solid 9 out of 10. Please keep up the great work with the lesser known characters.

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