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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Review of Transformers: Age of Extinction (or Review of Explosions withStory About Robots....BIG Robots)

Sorry long overdue.

I keep starting and stopping and then wipe everything away and start again.

Basically I am not sure how I feel about the fourth movie in the Transformers franchise. I enjoyed it probably more then the second or third movie but still I felt it was lacking a little something.

I will give the movie a 7 out of 10 but can seriously say not sure how I feel about the franchise as a whole.

I grew up on the Transformers and over the years have seen the multiple series and have liked some and others could care less about. So I was excited when Hollywood decided to make a live action movie. But ultimately I was somewhat underwhelmed.

Special effects are awesome and have been ultimately happy with the robots chosen but the story is just lacking a little bit. The humans in the movies have been ok but their chemistry together has been a bit off. There have been moments here and there that people shine but then the next movie comes out and the good characters are gone and new ones come in that mess everything up again. And Bay I know you love your explosions but really think there may be a smidge too many. 

In total the franchise gets about a 5 for me. I find the movies entertaining but they do need a bit more substance. Michael Bay go back and watch the original series and get a feel of what made it last so long. See if you can find that magic element and bring it to movie 5. 

I will say about the new movie. Go see it if you have been entertained by the previous movies in the franchise. I was entertained and did enjoy it but was not wowed by it.

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