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Saturday, November 8, 2014

No Such Thing As A Bad Film

Ok so the title is slightly misleading because there are bad movie....just some are good bad movies (The Toxic Avenger) and some bad movies I did not care for (Gigli).

What I mean by the title is simply there are no such thing as a universally bad movie but just movies we do not care to see or have seen and did not enjoy personally. I know at this moment a lot of people are probably about to send me huge lists of movies that were panned, flopped in the theaters or they just hated but before you do that hear me out and open your mind.

First let us establish that there are bad movies in some shape or form but a movie you hate is easily liked by someone else or actually does well in the movies. So already I have established quite simply that based on people's personal opinions all movies have some sort of fan base and can be liked even when you do not like them. For example I like the Super Mario Brothers movie even though it is hated by many (including it's two lead actors).

Second a simple rule of thumb for liking or not liking a movie is you have had to taken the time and energy to see it. Just because you have decided to not see something because it is not to your liking does not mean it is a bad film either. Twilight I always use as this example because so many people that have never even watched it are ready to hate it but yet the movie has a huge fan base and made tons of cash when released and even today. 

Third a movie does not need to make millions or be panned for it to be liked or popular. And conversely a movie that makes millions does not mean it will be universally liked. Serenity was not liked by the critics nor did it make the millions the studio wanted but the fans loved it and still remains popular today. And Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen did wonderfully in the theaters but a vast majority that saw it hated it.

And lastly just because Hollywood said a movie was bad and should not be promoted does not mean it will not become immensely popular or garner a huge fan base. Look at the list of cult classics that were panned or made nothing on release but now make money or have been revived because The industry now sees its potential. Really you can not name such a movie....Rocky Horror Picture Show bombed huge when it was released and now makes tons of money every year. Plan 9 From Outer Space is now one of the biggest draws for SciFi movie marathons, conventions and film festivals, The Evil Day held such a huge cult following that Hollywood went back and remade it and planning more sequels. 

So now before you send that list think if certain criteria have been met before you say that movie is universally hated. It has to be a complete financial bomb, never received a single good review or comment and every person that has seen it disliked it.....can you really think of one or are you just thinking of movies your did not like?

So there are no bad films just movies we did not care for.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Working and Cleaning

So at the moment I have a little time off from work and the wife and I are doing up serious spring cleaning. Storing stuff, reorganising, little build projects, etc.

And while I was cleaning up I had to move our DVD/BluRay collection. I have to do a new inventory but let's say we have a lot (we used the term crap load...which was the name of the old site). And while I was moving them about and thinking of how to reorganise them I decided on a little top ten.

I have seen a new Facebook post going around where people put down their top ten most influential books read (real quick The Hobbit , Island of the Sequined Love Nun , Lord of the Flies , Dune , The Princess Bride: S. Morgenstern's Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure , The Lord of the Rings...listed separately because The Hobbit introduced me to the genre and the trilogy made me come to love it , Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West  , Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal , A Year at the Movies: One Man's Filmgoing Odyssey , Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone...yeah the Harry Potter books they reminded me as an adult to remember being a child) so I decided I should do a top ten movies.

So here we go my Top Ten Most Influential Movies:
1) Akira : First movie that made me see animation could be beautiful.
2) Clerks : First movie that made me believe there was more then just a blockbuster.
3) Better Off Dead : First movie to make me just belly roll.
4) Ghostbusters : First movie to give me a wonderful one-liner, mother puss bucket.
5) Legends of the Fall : First movie to make me see a happy ending is not always the best ending.
6) Star Wars : First introduced me to fandom.
7) Kelly's Heroes : First movie I liked from before my time.
8) Silverado : First Western movie that made me come to love the genre.
9) Little Shop of Horrors : First time I found a musical enjoyable.
10) The Lord of the Rings Trilogy : First time I saw how truly epic the cinema could be.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Problem Links and Advertising

If you have not noticed lately there have been more pictures on the page and a little store....yup even an ad widget. I know some people will think it annoying but I am doing to get more clicks to the site and to maybe make a little here and there (always honest that I want this to be a business and make money).

I am still learning how to link everything very nicely and without much clutter so excuse any mistakes along the way.

I will do my best to make sure what I link is relevant and not some weird site that has nothing to do with movies. 

Plus it is Amazon I am using and they have always been one of the best places online to shop. So if you want something clicks link and check it out. If not feel free to ignore I will not put pressure on people to buy things...I have goons to do

Friday, September 5, 2014

Reboots, Remakes and Revivals Part 2

As with TV shows Hollywood has a rich history of going back for a do over. Let's revisit a classic film and update it for the 21 century.

In recent years there have been remakes for True Grit, About Last Night, Clash of the Titans, Athur...heck Death at a Funeral was remade within three years of its release. So what should Hollywood remake in the coming years. Here is part two of my list

Top Ten Movies That Need Remakes

1) Beastmaster – A guy named Dar running around with a tiger, hawk and a couple ferrets....please lets remake this fantast epic.  There was a short lived TV series out for awhile but we need a movie update. Just not the time travelling sequel...*shiver*.

2) Running Man – There have been rumours of a remake for this movie for a good decade or better. And seeing how Total Recall had an update it's about time this one got done. Considering that Richard Dawson (former host of Family Feud) played the bad guy in the original does that mean Steve Harvey (current host of Family Feud) does this go round. Would be a different role for him. 

3) Romancing the Stone - Not many romantic comedies get remade but I think this one could use a bit of an update. I am thinking maybe Rashida Jones or Maya Rudolph and Jon Hamm or Donnie Wahlberg (need more Wahlbergs in films) 

4) Logan’s Run - This again one of those remakes that get thrown around a lot. We are going to do we are not...yes we are. Come on Hollywood and pull the finger out. This would make an awesome update with today's technology for effects.

5) Dreamscape - People able to jump into others dreams and influence them or even kill them. Really no one has thought let's revive Dreamscape...tsk tsk tsk

6) The Dungeonmaster - The guy had a computer on his arm fighting an other dimensional wizard that stole his girlfriend....there should have been sequels. But there weren't so now we need a remake.

7) The Pagemaster - Out of all the animation properties out there that get sequel after sequel it is surprising that we do not get at least one more Pagemaster movie. It was made at Macaulay Culkin's prime and probably would have helped his career a little. 

8) Short Circuit - This is another hot property that Hollywood starts again and again. I have two requests though Hollywood. Request number One Number 5 must look like a robot. None of this make him an android that looks like a human. Which brings me to request number two there is one scene in the original where you guys would think it would be great if Number 5 and Stephanie fell in This movie should only ever be remade as a family chase movie like the original. Anything else you ruined it. 

9) Warlock - Who doesn't love a time travel story. Especially when people from the past come to the future. This action horror movie made Julian Sands a household name for a few years. So let's bring it back. Maybe even let Julian play the baddie again.

10) Night of the Comet - In this age of zombie loving populace this movie should have been first on a remake list. Why has it not been even rumoured. Get on it Hollywood you are slacking off.

So there you have it my top tens for TV shows and movies that need remakes. I am sure there are still hundreds more we could do. The 80's alone created some incredibly awesome shows that could really be some hot properties for Tinseltown.

Oh yea if any of these get signed and made I want my finders fees Hollywood. Now get out there and make us some movies.

Reboots, Remakes and Revivals Part 1

Nostalgia is a big part of Hollywood's bread and butter and in recent years the remakes and reboots have been plentiful. Especially with classic TV shows. There have been straight remakes with new casts and updated stories, parodies poking a bit of fun at our own love of these series or even a direct sequel or update as to what is going on with the cast since we left them last.

21 Jump Street, two Star Treks, a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, live action Transformers, GI Joe, two Sex in the City many licenses being made and remade in recent years. And now there are rumours of a reboot of Greatest American Hero even. So where do we go from here Hollywood? Well I have a couple ideas.

First up my Top Ten Licenses That Need A Movie Update or Reboot

1) Dungeons and Dragons – There have been D&D movies in the past but we need one based off the cartoon series with a group of teens transported to another world and powered up with magic weapons...the involvement of Willie Aames and Don Most is a must. And my vote to play enigmatic Dungeon Master, Peter Dinklage....he should voice Venger as well. He has this awesome good guy/bad guy thing going.

2) MASK – Vehicles that transform into cool battle ready cars, trucks, planes, etc would be so awesome right now. The special effects exist (thank you Michael Bay and Transformers) and with the driving movies out (thank you Fast and Furious franchise) this would be an awesome property. Bring it back. My pick for Matt Tracker, George Clooney.....and Weird Al to voice T-Bob...come on you have to have T-Bob.

3) Friends – Since the release of the Sex in the City movies a Friends movie has been in the talks. Cast members say yes and then they say no. The studio says they are working on it and then have no idea what we are talking about. Come on Hollywood get this done before the show disappears into re-run hell.  Would be awesome and should be a Thanksgiving episode since those were some of the casts funniest.  Brad Pitt re-appearance anyone.

4) Silverhawks – Ok this could go either way animation or live action. A live action film would be really cool. Alien fighting bird themed superheroes....what could go wrong. And Jon Bon Jovi should play Bluegrass belting out the music on Hotlicks as he flies the Mirage, awesome. 

5) The Adventures of Pete and Pete – Again like the Sex in the City movies and my hope for a Friends movie this needs to happen. A reunion of the cast showing how they have grown up over the years. And everyone needs to return even Artie, who had to leave young Pete...saddest moment in kids television viewing. And if Iggy Pop does not return I leave the theater.

6) Airwolf – All I need to say is spy helicopter saving the day. Theme music can not be remade...has to be original.

7) Small Wonder - Man builds little robot girl and then passes her off as one of the family...why have we not remade this yet. The premise alone writes almost the whole movie.

8) Pole Position (which needs a video game reboot as well) – Another set of super spy cars. This would be either a great straight action movie with explosions and talking cars or even just a family affair with crime solving siblings and their stunt cars. And like Airwolf the theme must remain the same.

9) War Planets (or Shadow Raiders depending on where you saw it) – Not many people remember this little cartoon that came out around the Beast Wars era of Tranformers but it was good and packed with action. We really need a movie on this franchise. Especially since the show ending left us fans on a cliffhanger.

10) Exo-Squad – This animated series was awesome. It had tons of intrigue and some very deep stories involving racism, terrorism, stress on combat troops...and tons more.  Could use a movie series update with a trilogy showing the overthrow and liberation of Earth and her colonies. Plus battle mechs...come on. 

There is my wish list of TV shows that need an movie update or reboot. Get on it Hollywood. 

Next up movie remakes and's a hint lots of cheesy 80's fantasy.