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Saturday, November 8, 2014

No Such Thing As A Bad Film

Ok so the title is slightly misleading because there are bad movie....just some are good bad movies (The Toxic Avenger) and some bad movies I did not care for (Gigli).

What I mean by the title is simply there are no such thing as a universally bad movie but just movies we do not care to see or have seen and did not enjoy personally. I know at this moment a lot of people are probably about to send me huge lists of movies that were panned, flopped in the theaters or they just hated but before you do that hear me out and open your mind.

First let us establish that there are bad movies in some shape or form but a movie you hate is easily liked by someone else or actually does well in the movies. So already I have established quite simply that based on people's personal opinions all movies have some sort of fan base and can be liked even when you do not like them. For example I like the Super Mario Brothers movie even though it is hated by many (including it's two lead actors).

Second a simple rule of thumb for liking or not liking a movie is you have had to taken the time and energy to see it. Just because you have decided to not see something because it is not to your liking does not mean it is a bad film either. Twilight I always use as this example because so many people that have never even watched it are ready to hate it but yet the movie has a huge fan base and made tons of cash when released and even today. 

Third a movie does not need to make millions or be panned for it to be liked or popular. And conversely a movie that makes millions does not mean it will be universally liked. Serenity was not liked by the critics nor did it make the millions the studio wanted but the fans loved it and still remains popular today. And Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen did wonderfully in the theaters but a vast majority that saw it hated it.

And lastly just because Hollywood said a movie was bad and should not be promoted does not mean it will not become immensely popular or garner a huge fan base. Look at the list of cult classics that were panned or made nothing on release but now make money or have been revived because The industry now sees its potential. Really you can not name such a movie....Rocky Horror Picture Show bombed huge when it was released and now makes tons of money every year. Plan 9 From Outer Space is now one of the biggest draws for SciFi movie marathons, conventions and film festivals, The Evil Day held such a huge cult following that Hollywood went back and remade it and planning more sequels. 

So now before you send that list think if certain criteria have been met before you say that movie is universally hated. It has to be a complete financial bomb, never received a single good review or comment and every person that has seen it disliked it.....can you really think of one or are you just thinking of movies your did not like?

So there are no bad films just movies we did not care for.

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