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Friday, September 5, 2014

Reboots, Remakes and Revivals Part 2

As with TV shows Hollywood has a rich history of going back for a do over. Let's revisit a classic film and update it for the 21 century.

In recent years there have been remakes for True Grit, About Last Night, Clash of the Titans, Athur...heck Death at a Funeral was remade within three years of its release. So what should Hollywood remake in the coming years. Here is part two of my list

Top Ten Movies That Need Remakes

1) Beastmaster – A guy named Dar running around with a tiger, hawk and a couple ferrets....please lets remake this fantast epic.  There was a short lived TV series out for awhile but we need a movie update. Just not the time travelling sequel...*shiver*.

2) Running Man – There have been rumours of a remake for this movie for a good decade or better. And seeing how Total Recall had an update it's about time this one got done. Considering that Richard Dawson (former host of Family Feud) played the bad guy in the original does that mean Steve Harvey (current host of Family Feud) does this go round. Would be a different role for him. 

3) Romancing the Stone - Not many romantic comedies get remade but I think this one could use a bit of an update. I am thinking maybe Rashida Jones or Maya Rudolph and Jon Hamm or Donnie Wahlberg (need more Wahlbergs in films) 

4) Logan’s Run - This again one of those remakes that get thrown around a lot. We are going to do we are not...yes we are. Come on Hollywood and pull the finger out. This would make an awesome update with today's technology for effects.

5) Dreamscape - People able to jump into others dreams and influence them or even kill them. Really no one has thought let's revive Dreamscape...tsk tsk tsk

6) The Dungeonmaster - The guy had a computer on his arm fighting an other dimensional wizard that stole his girlfriend....there should have been sequels. But there weren't so now we need a remake.

7) The Pagemaster - Out of all the animation properties out there that get sequel after sequel it is surprising that we do not get at least one more Pagemaster movie. It was made at Macaulay Culkin's prime and probably would have helped his career a little. 

8) Short Circuit - This is another hot property that Hollywood starts again and again. I have two requests though Hollywood. Request number One Number 5 must look like a robot. None of this make him an android that looks like a human. Which brings me to request number two there is one scene in the original where you guys would think it would be great if Number 5 and Stephanie fell in This movie should only ever be remade as a family chase movie like the original. Anything else you ruined it. 

9) Warlock - Who doesn't love a time travel story. Especially when people from the past come to the future. This action horror movie made Julian Sands a household name for a few years. So let's bring it back. Maybe even let Julian play the baddie again.

10) Night of the Comet - In this age of zombie loving populace this movie should have been first on a remake list. Why has it not been even rumoured. Get on it Hollywood you are slacking off.

So there you have it my top tens for TV shows and movies that need remakes. I am sure there are still hundreds more we could do. The 80's alone created some incredibly awesome shows that could really be some hot properties for Tinseltown.

Oh yea if any of these get signed and made I want my finders fees Hollywood. Now get out there and make us some movies.

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