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Friday, September 5, 2014

Reboots, Remakes and Revivals Part 1

Nostalgia is a big part of Hollywood's bread and butter and in recent years the remakes and reboots have been plentiful. Especially with classic TV shows. There have been straight remakes with new casts and updated stories, parodies poking a bit of fun at our own love of these series or even a direct sequel or update as to what is going on with the cast since we left them last.

21 Jump Street, two Star Treks, a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, live action Transformers, GI Joe, two Sex in the City many licenses being made and remade in recent years. And now there are rumours of a reboot of Greatest American Hero even. So where do we go from here Hollywood? Well I have a couple ideas.

First up my Top Ten Licenses That Need A Movie Update or Reboot

1) Dungeons and Dragons – There have been D&D movies in the past but we need one based off the cartoon series with a group of teens transported to another world and powered up with magic weapons...the involvement of Willie Aames and Don Most is a must. And my vote to play enigmatic Dungeon Master, Peter Dinklage....he should voice Venger as well. He has this awesome good guy/bad guy thing going.

2) MASK – Vehicles that transform into cool battle ready cars, trucks, planes, etc would be so awesome right now. The special effects exist (thank you Michael Bay and Transformers) and with the driving movies out (thank you Fast and Furious franchise) this would be an awesome property. Bring it back. My pick for Matt Tracker, George Clooney.....and Weird Al to voice T-Bob...come on you have to have T-Bob.

3) Friends – Since the release of the Sex in the City movies a Friends movie has been in the talks. Cast members say yes and then they say no. The studio says they are working on it and then have no idea what we are talking about. Come on Hollywood get this done before the show disappears into re-run hell.  Would be awesome and should be a Thanksgiving episode since those were some of the casts funniest.  Brad Pitt re-appearance anyone.

4) Silverhawks – Ok this could go either way animation or live action. A live action film would be really cool. Alien fighting bird themed superheroes....what could go wrong. And Jon Bon Jovi should play Bluegrass belting out the music on Hotlicks as he flies the Mirage, awesome. 

5) The Adventures of Pete and Pete – Again like the Sex in the City movies and my hope for a Friends movie this needs to happen. A reunion of the cast showing how they have grown up over the years. And everyone needs to return even Artie, who had to leave young Pete...saddest moment in kids television viewing. And if Iggy Pop does not return I leave the theater.

6) Airwolf – All I need to say is spy helicopter saving the day. Theme music can not be remade...has to be original.

7) Small Wonder - Man builds little robot girl and then passes her off as one of the family...why have we not remade this yet. The premise alone writes almost the whole movie.

8) Pole Position (which needs a video game reboot as well) – Another set of super spy cars. This would be either a great straight action movie with explosions and talking cars or even just a family affair with crime solving siblings and their stunt cars. And like Airwolf the theme must remain the same.

9) War Planets (or Shadow Raiders depending on where you saw it) – Not many people remember this little cartoon that came out around the Beast Wars era of Tranformers but it was good and packed with action. We really need a movie on this franchise. Especially since the show ending left us fans on a cliffhanger.

10) Exo-Squad – This animated series was awesome. It had tons of intrigue and some very deep stories involving racism, terrorism, stress on combat troops...and tons more.  Could use a movie series update with a trilogy showing the overthrow and liberation of Earth and her colonies. Plus battle mechs...come on. 

There is my wish list of TV shows that need an movie update or reboot. Get on it Hollywood. 

Next up movie remakes and's a hint lots of cheesy 80's fantasy.

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