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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Robin Williams: A Top Ten

Robin Williams was one of my favorite actors so I really feel I could not go without revealing my top ten most loved Robin Williams' movies.

1) Club Paradise: "No man is an island Jack" truer today then ever.
2) Dead Poet's Society: introduced to me by another great man, my English teacher Mr Gino Abbesinio, may he also rest in piece
3) Popeye: "I am what I am"
4) Hook: remember never grow up completely
5) Aladdin: we never had a friend like you but we all wanted one Genie
6) One Hour Photo: just showed an amazing range of skill
7) World's Greatest Dad: did not need the gratuitous nude Robin Williams scene but also made the movie
8) Man of the Year: humor really is needed in the White House
9) Patch Adams: a smile goes a long way
10) The Fisher King: all those that are lost can be found

This is one actor that everyone will truly miss. My condolences to Williams' wife, children and friends and to all your fans out there.

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