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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

And We're Moving Along

Ok so far in the past couple days (without out internet and hotspotting on my phone) I have updated Twitter with a photo and background.

Made a couple tweets (still only 2 followers and myself...sniff). 

I got the Facebook page up and running and got a few likes...32 I now have access to Insights...YEAH!

Made a big post about the X-Men movie. And made a little post about my crappy internet (still not working properly) and one more post about the future Justice League movie.
So actually quite a bit. I just need to keep on this forward momentum and who know where it will go. 

Thanks everyone that has taken the time to start reading my words of wisdom. Thanks for sharing the page and let's see where this roller coaster takes us. 

Coming up....some words about the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, a top ten of Summer Blockbusters that Disappointed Me and article on why movies move us all so. Plus tweets, posts and lots more that will either make the world a better happier place or just bore you all....I try really I do.

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