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Friday, June 20, 2014

Justice League Part Two

Ok so recently I have said that the current attempt at a Justice League movie is lazy on DC/Warner's part. Now comes new news of their release schedule for Justice League movies. And some character development.

First the release schedule news is that DC/Warner plans at least seven movies for the Justice League universe. Now it is great to see they have a plan but again it sounds so lazy.  So currently the list includes Batman/Superman in May 2016 along with Shazam and Sandman in the same year. Ok so DC/Warner is developing a Justice League universe first and Sandman is thrown in there....hhhmmm. I like Sandman and looking forward to a movie with the character but it is a little odd to be thrown in their with the Justice League character movies especially when the character does not have any direct involvement with the League.

In 2017 we will then get the Justice League movie along with a Wonder Woman movie and a Green Lantern/Flash team-up. And here is where things start to go a little off. How can we have a Justice League movie so quick? I mean we are not getting any of the back stories for Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Cyborg (appearing in Batman/Superman or Aquaman (recently cast) first so how can we already get a team film? Think DC/Warner please because you are setting this up for serious disaster. We are now getting a Wonder Woman movie in there...yeah but that means somehow her origin will have to fit into Batman/Superman or be a prequel origin movie. And then a Green Lantern/Flash movie which I think works because both characters are somewhat well known. And we have already had a Green Lantern movie which can at least establish an origin story (movie May had been much but have to admit the origin story was sound). So already we see some strange arrangement of story that is going to take place.

Then finally in 2018 we will have Man of Steel 2...kind of far off from the original for a viable sequel. And seeing as how they are doing at least two team-up movies before this one what are we going to see at this point in Supes story.

I feel DC/Warner needs to push Justice League out until 2018. Move everything up and get those origin stories out there for these characters and then worry about a team movie. Establish your universe first and then compete with what everyone else wants to do. 

Now as for character news the biggest being another hero in Batman/Superman has been cast with Jason Momoa playing Aquaman. Like the choice and I see an Aquaman from the Justice League cartoon....long hair muscular and a hook for a hand. Plus that combo of defiant king and honourable man. But casting aside what do we need more heroes in the Batman/Superman movie. Beside the main guys we have Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and now Aquaman (Jason Momoa) plus there are rumours of Nightwing and Robin appearing in the movie and possible cameos by other heroes. This is a Bats and Supes movie come on guys scale back before you have too much going on the keep the story stable. And now news of Lex Luthor being described as 20 something with spastic mannerisms.....what??  I have questioned the use of a younger actor to play Luthor since the beginning but now they are completely changing the style of a well established character. This person needs to be cold calculating and very intelligent. Very styled as a professional business man not a hipster with a bit of wealth. 

I am really getting worried here DC/Warner you are making Batman and Robin all over again. Too much too soon. 

Batman/Superman is kicking everything off in 2016. Now as I said previously I like this idea because Batman is well known by comic fans and non-fans alike. He does not need much to establish his story and his part in the universe. What I am having a problem is that the rest is coming in too soon and pretty jumbled. I guess we are just going to have to wait and see.

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