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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Batman, Superman and Warner's Lazy Attempt at Justice League


Ok the title may be a bit harsh but it needs to be so those in power at Warner/DC realise they need to step up and fix it so Justice League (which could be an incredible movie) does not flop.

Yup I said it well ahead of their proposed 2018 release of Justice League the movie will flop. 

Here is why and Warner/DC please listen because I REALLY want this movie to succeed as the Avengers has.

So with the success of Man of Steel Warner/DC decided to go ahead with creating their own cinematic universe with the ultimate goal of having a Justice League movie. I was very happy about this. I have always been a fan of team comics and Justice League was in my monthly buys for many years. It was the DC version of the Avengers (another favorite) and had a vast majority of the DC universe as members at one time or another. And like the Avengers there was a core group that started it all and stayed constant throughout its history, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, as the backbone of the group. 

So Man of Steel comes out and bam it is a success. There was a little change to the Superman origin but nothing too drastic to upset the fans and just enough change to draw in new fans. And now Warner/DC says let's go for it, let's make a Justice League movie and show up that upstart Marvel universe what's what....oh yea and we still own the rights to all our characters so suck it (ok last bit probably wasn't said but it was implied). 

Then Warner/DC asked themselves how can we make a sequel to Man of Steel that will point us toward a Justice League movie? And their answer was let's team him up with Batman....yeah because everything is better with Batman (plus Batman is prepared for what can go wrong). Not a bad move there Warner/DC. It gets Bats out there and establishes him as part of the Man of Steel universe. It puts together two of the big three of the DC universe who have always had a rocky relationship so we have conflict and they help form one of the greatest comic teams in history...woohoo. I am happy about this movie and even excited by Affleck playing the man himself Batman. They have even been nice and showed off the Batmobile (nice blend of classic Bats and the Tumbler) and even gave us a taste of the that stepped right out of The Dark Knight Returns....again excited.

Then the excitement leaves....why? Wonder Woman....that is why.

It is not the character....I love Wonder Woman, female heroine icon and has rich ties to Greek mythology so has a feel as if Hercules were born a girl. And It is not the choice in actress....Gail Gadot....come on sexy, leggy and muscular plus she can pull off action star just watch the Fast and Furious series. So why? Because Warner/DC does not trust the character can carry her own weight in a movie and this is not some unknown character from DC's universe like Bwanna Beast that would make people wonder "Who the heck is that?". 

See Batman really doesn't need his own movie because at this point everyone, comic fan or not, knows about Batman. So the idea of a team up movie with Supes is awesome. Think afterwards they still need to consider a new Batman movie to further gel the character to this universe but it is not required before the Jusice League movie. And Superman has now been established in this universe with a great origin story but why not do this for another of the big three.

Wonder Woman....come on...she should have her own feature. This is a character that is known by comic fans and people outside normal comics fans. And DC/Warner says it is too hard to explain her backstory. Did no one in the writing room for this series take basic English lit growing up. I remember big portion of class discussing Greek mythology. How hard is it for you to add this character to established story? Evidently really hard for you guys. Come on this is a comic icon. Marvel is taking really big risks in the third stage of their universe with Gaurdians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man getting their own movies to tie into the Avengers and the universe as a whole. But DC/Warner will not take a risk with Wonder Woman.

And this is why DC/Warner is being lazy when creating the Justice League movie. They just want a movie quick to compete with the Marvel Cinematic Universe hoping to make some quick coin and they are not taking the time to build the characters and story creating a universe that will endure. The quick coin is not all there is because with a universe there is tons of other merchandising and outlets to add to the universe. Like Marvel has done and has proven works a treat. Come on guys it took Marvel five movies to reach an Avengers movie. You are trying to do it in two. Get another movie or two in there and develop not only the characters and story but the universe itself. Give something deep for the fans and create something that will pull in the new fans. Please take the time and energy to create something great and not just rush something and give us mediocre.

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