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Monday, June 9, 2014

So Much in My Head I Can Not Get it Out


I currently have 5 articles on the go and probably another 10 in my head that I want to start. I am really starting to see some interest in the site and my bizarre thoughts so I really need to get these done. I want to try and keep everything as current and moving as possible. I have actually set a goal to be able to post at least 1 article a day within 6 months. Hopefully I can keep this goal because if I can do it on my site I can hopefully contribute to some others more often as well and really get my name out there.

A little fun stuff...hi to my 2 followers on the site (woohoo lot better then 0). You folks get nice emails telling you that I am ranting again so enjoy. Also I am up to 35 followers on Facebook. If anyone is on Facebook feel free to join the page for the site Remote Theater. I try to post there quite regularly and many times copy in my posts from Twitter @remotetheater as well.

Now for some is coming along. Will be quite simple for the moment but plan big things. Look for more pictures. Pages for different types of articles and an nice updated logo. Also I am going to fix the site web address. Some people can get to the site without putting the www at the beginning of the address and some have to do it. Hopefully get this fixed up pretty quick.

For serious stuff I am always looking for new stories and ideas. I am more then happy to hear folks feedback and suggestions. And I am always looking for new movies that I have not seen before so let me know some of your favourites.

And last but not least a little promotion for some friends. I have a couple cohorts that have been assisting me in getting everything up and running and I have contributed to one at least one of their sites and will continue to do so in the future. Also I can not wait for everyone to read their contributions to Remote Theater. So please feel free to follow and . And also follow them on Facebook. And of course their Twitter @themaxigeek and @dwarkarn .

So there you go...some fun, some serious and some new places to check out. 

Watch this space more to come.

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