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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy Big Marvel Gamble That Could Pay Off


When it comes to the superhero movie at the moment Marvel can not fail. They have already created nine movies which have not only captivated audiences and made a resurgence in fandom but they have created a cohesive world where all these characters exist. It has been magical from a longtime fans stand point. But can the trend continue?

First off let's look at what Marvel has accomplished so far. A Hulk film that is more in tune with the actual comic book (sorry Ang Lee you took a shot and the first Hulk movie failed). Then they introduced three pretty well known characters ,Iron Man, Thor and Captain America, with some incredible movies that have made comic nerds happy and introduced new fans to the characters. And they put them all together with some lesser known characters and created a great team flick. And they are continuing as all the current movies in the Marvel cinematic universe have planned sequels.

Second they introduced a TV show that also fit in to this same world (especially the last few episodes) expanding a already growing universe and they are planning two more series to even expand this world further. One of the series will be on network TV and the other through Netflix. Plus these series are introducing some really unknown characters to a world of non comic readers that have quickly been engrossed in the films.

And third they are taking the time and energy to construct these movies and series so that they not only flow well together but are keeping people interested for years. Trust me when I say DC/Warner need to step up and follow Marvel's formula more closely especially since they currently have the rights to all their characters and are planning movies for the DC Universe as a whole.

So what could destroy this newly created universe in an instant....well a bad movie. Something completely unknown and out there that fans everywhere would flee in terror?  

And Marvel's answer to this concern of the fans....we can not fail. So here is a gun toting talking raccoon, a huge humanoid tree, a big huge dude with knives, a green chick that can kill and has looks that can kill and a comedian pilot. Yup here come the Guardians of the Galaxy a series not that well known by some comic fans let alone newbies to this world. So Marvel is taking a major shot in the dark here hoping their previous successes will keep a complete unknown from failing and I believe they may pull it off.

They are actually doing what DC does not want to do with their characters by believing in their marketability and taking a risk. Plus they are continuing the new trend after this with an Ant-Man movie and a Doctor Strange movie in the near future. 

Good on you Marvel for having the balls to do this. Trailer looks good and cast is amazing so hopefully the gamble pays off. I know I will be buying my ticket.

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