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Monday, May 12, 2014

Changes Changes Changes

Originally Posted on Crap Load of Movies

In a recent discussion with my wife about what I have done on the site so far, what I plan on doing and where I want it all to go I have come to the decision that Crap Load of Movies is not exactly a financially appealing title for a blog. It is a fun name but will probably not reach past the hurdle of humorous fad. So how can we fix this and make a site that can be a success for a long run. Change the name of course. 

So the new name for the site will be Remote Theatre. The name is meant to represent the move from cinemas to the home, car and hand held device. I will still review movies and give everyone my top ten lists and of course talk about myself and life with movies. Plus I should be adding a few extra things to make the site better.  

First task will be moving everything to the new blog. Second task will be adding a few more articles and getting the traffic up. Third will be starting the Facebook group and get accounts up and running on Twitter, Vine and Instagram. And fourth make this finally a financial success.

As for Crap Load of will remain it will just change. The reason I came up with this name was because my wife and I have a crap load of movies in our house and part of this blog was to discuss my movie collection. So I will still post an article here now and again talking about my ever growing collection of movies. And I will pursue a new goal for the site of being in the Guinness book of World Records for the largest personal movie collection. 

It shall be epic I swear. So keep an eye here as changes will be happening soon.

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