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Thursday, May 15, 2014


It is almost 11 pm in my little house. I desperately tried to think of a little entry I could put in tonight before heading to bed. I have a review partially typed and even started a couple articles about movies in general. 

I took a break and cut off some lights. Then I slowly made sure that my wonderful wife and beautiful boys were covered up for a cold night and I had a revelation.

Part of this blog is not just to talk about movies. I want it to be to talk about how everything ties to movies and media what better way to describe that then tell you all the reason I want to do this and I want it to become something more then the rants and raves of a crazy old dork. 

I want to do this for my family.

I want this to be viable and fun so that I can leave the job that makes me stressed and tired every day.  I want it to be an income that keeps a roof over our head and food on our table. I want to leave a legacy for my kids when I am gone. I want something that ultimately is what I have always wanted to do so that my joy translates to them.

Something that is no different then a writer, director, actor want for themselves when they put together a heartwarming drama, gut busting comedy, nail biting thriller, a sweet as candy love story or even a heart stopping horror.

So as I listen to the snores and wheezes of the incredibly awesome little lady that is not only letting me take the extra time in my day to do this but also encouraging it. And my cute energetic kids more then eager to spend time with a happy stress free father. I know why this will become something more then just a blog about movies and the such. It will become about me and my family and how movies, books, games, etc shape us.

Enjoy reading this folks because I am going to enjoy every moment writing it and making my dreams come true for myself and my family.

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