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Friday, May 16, 2014

Top Ten Movies That Need to Endure

I recently had a conversation with a couple people younger then myself. And besides feeling older and older by the minute (swear I needed a cane afterward) we did talk about movies. And when discussing movies not only had these folks not seen many of the movies I had but I found that some great classic movies are starting to be forgotten by newer generations. I do blame Hollywood for many times latching on to bigger money makers then promoting those cult classics or even those movies that seem to be forgotten.

And in an age where many movies are becoming huge epics (and big money draws) like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and yes even Twilight I believe that we need to question will they endure 20, 30 or more years from now. Will they be a franchise like Star Wars or Star Trek lasting generations. Or will they become like Breakfast at Tiffany's, Blade Runner, Casablanca and become classics that are still viewed on TV and in theatres.

Many of these movies do have a following but I believe they each need a resurgence, a reboot, a re-release something to get another couple generations behind them. Of nothing else we parents really need to get our kids watching them so they will show them to their kids. 

If you have not seen any of these movies go now and watch them and see if you agree.

So here is my list of movies that need to endure and become classics and epics

1) The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai: Across the 8th Dimension: In what has to be called a stroke of genius in terms of characters Buckaroo Banzai had to be the coolest...neurosurgeon, scientist, rock and roll adventurer this guy did it all. This SciFi, comedy, action mash-up had a lot going for it. I think many fans today would love to see an update to this movie or at least have it shown more often on TV or on the big screen again. A sequel or even a retry of the TV series would pump some new blood into one of my favorite adventure films. Plus we really need to see more Jeff Goldblum in chaps and a ten gallon hat. 

2) Tremors: This is the little b movie that could, about underground worms attacking a dust bowl town.  It has been called a modern classic before but lately it has disappeared into the Hollywood background. This little known movie spawned two sequels, a prequel and a short lived TV series but yet many of the younger generations have never even heard of the film. The movie had Kevin Bacon in it for god's sake why are you not out watching it right now? Plus we should never forget Michael Gross (the dad from Family Ties) as a gun toting survivalist and the only consistent character in the entire franchise.

3) An American Tail: Little Fievel had to be one of the cutest cartoon characters ever. And his adventures across the United States with his family were so heartwarming. We should be showing this movie all the time to our kids. It has been lost to obscurity to the point that I did not even realise there were two straight to video sequels. Bring back Fievel and let him melt the hearts of a whole new generation.

4) The Toxic Avenger: Toxie has been a cult character since he was first created. The movies were always of questionable quality and content but they had quite a following especially with advent of home video. The movies even birthed a little known animated TV series. I think Toxie and Troma Studios as a whole needs to remembered for generations as the beginning of the small studio success story. Producing movies that are at times bizarre but always fun. Troma Studios in my opinion is the precursor to The Asylum and their world of campy low budget mockbusters.

5) Willow: A tale of magic and mayhem Willow should have been (and could possibly still be) as epic as Lord of the Rings. The book series continued on well after the movie telling further tales of the young Elora. I have read that Warwick Davis is always ready for a sequel or TV series and I truly believe the characters and world of Willow could continue and be as great if not greater then many of the epic series of today. Think more family orientated Game of Thrones....lots of action and comedy and less incest.

6) The Last Starfighter: A video game junkie becomes the greatest pilot and the last Starfighter saving the galaxy from Xur and Ko-Dan armada....that alone screams "watch me". This sci-if classic has a couple distinctions to film buffs as one of the first movies next to Tron that used extensive computer graphics and was actor Robert Preston's last film. The movie had a space cowboy feel to it and really needs a sequel. An off broadway musical was produced and that is nice but this movie really needs something more. I really can not picture Alex singing about the Death Blossom.

7) The Secret of Nimh: The animated feature for a classic children's novel was a grand family film about the escaped mice from a research lab. Trying to save her little family Mrs Brisby heads to the rats of Nimh for their assistance. The movie was magical and dark and needs to be remembered for many decades to come but it has slowly slipped into the background as computer graphics took over from 2D animation. There was a direct to video sequel but I can not find it for sale anywhere and I would really love to see if it held the same magic as the original.

8) Saturday Night Live Comedies: Ok this one is a bit inclusive of several movies. Everyone knows The Blues Brothers and Wayne's World and I doubt those movies will disappear into obscurity anytime soon but what about the multitude of other movies based on SNL characters, Coneheads, Superstar, Night at the Roxbury, It's Pat, Stuart Saves His Family, The Ladies Man and MacGruber? SNL has graced our TV screens since 1975 and has launched the careers of countless actors and actresses so these films no matter the quality or the content need to be remembered for years to come if even just for historical reference in the actors and actresses careers.

9) Strange Brew: What is more fun then a couple luckless drunks that stumble on to a plan for world domination using beer? The movie is just bizarre at times including not only an evil scientist but a ghost and a flying dog. Using the classic SCTV characters of Bob and Doug Mackenzie this movie is just fun and crazy and should be re-visited by Hollywood year after year. There have been rumours in recent years of an animated revival.

10) Disney Animated Library: Ok this one is a little stretch. Disney's animated films usually endure generations especially since the resurgence that started with The Little Mermaid. And Disney's normal practice of taking their movies out of circulation and then reintroducing them later on. But not all Disney movies seem to have the same staying power. And I am mostly talking about the non musical movies, The Great Mouse Detective, Robin Hood, Lilo and Stitch, The Black Cauldron, etc. these movies seem to be pushed to the side when it comes to talking up Disney's library.  And even some of the musical movies seem to get pushed aside for the more modern movies like The Lion King and most recently Frozen. So let's all sit back and watch Snow White and the Seven Dwarves or Jungle Book.

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