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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Welcome to the Fun

Originally posted on Crap Load of Movies

So I am now starting my first BLOG. 

How do you like it so far?

I know what you are thinking...not much to look at right now but it will improve I promise.

So what is this BLOG going to be about?  Well movies of course it is called Crap Load of Movies. It will be about movies I love and movies I hate all kinds of movies. 

There will be reviews of new and old movies. There will be discussions about new movie news and movie related topics.

Also I will relate movies to real life because let's face it people write movies and many times they are reselling their own stories. I mean that is one of the many reasons we love movies....we can relate.

You will get a feeling for my movie tastes and I will hopefully learn more about other people's tastes.

To give you an idea what i mean:

When people ask me what my top 10 movies are I have to get them to clarify because I have a lot of top 10 lists.  And I like movies for all different reasons.  My favorite bad movies, my guilty pleasure movies, my all time favorite, animated movies, live action movies...I have tons of these lists. Top 10 Movie Lines
1: Better off Dead - "I want my 2 dollars"
2: A Christmas Story - "You'll shoot your eye out kid."
3: Judge Dredd - "I am the law"
4: Toy Story  - "YOU ARE A TOY!!"
5: Ghostbusters - "Mother Puss Bucket"
6: Strange Brew - "I gotta pee so bad I can taste it!"
7: The Goonies - "Goonies never say die"
8: Reckless Kelly - "We make movies so good they completely skip the movie theatres and go straight to video sales"
9: Finding Nemo - "Just keep swimming"
10: Mr Deeds - "I am very very sneaky sir"

Oh yeah I will probably write a few of these Top 10 lists (sometimes they may be top 11 or 12....hey I said I like movies.

So there you have it welcome to the fun. Hopefully we will all enjoy the ride.

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