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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Why Remote Theater

Some friends have asked me why the name Remote Theater for the blog. And it is quite an easy answer why. It is becuase our media (for my part movies and television) has gone remote. 

Movies, TV, music, games, books and magazines are all now portable. You can put media in your pocket, have it on a desktop, at the kitchen bench top, on the bus, in the car, on a plane....heck you can have it sitting on your toilet having that afternoon movement. It is everywhere remote from the original sources. 

Now myself I like movies and television (I do read as well) and plan on discussing this to great lengths. Some may agree with my thoughts and opinions and other may not. I will review movies and shows as they come out on DVD/Bluray and sometimes as they release because ultimately I also enjoy the whole cinema experience as well.

And every now and again I will even talk about the new technologies coming out that continue to change the way we remotely access the media we love.

And my favorite bit to do on the blog will be to post my top ten lists because I do not have just ten movies I like. I have tons of movies I love.

So feel free to read, learn and chat about how the Remote Theater is a part of your life.

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