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Monday, May 12, 2014

Where We Have Been and Where We Are Going

Originally Posted on Crap Load of Movies

Hi all you devoted readers. Ok that one person that joined up my best friend and confidant Lance.....whoooo. 

Ok enough of that. So I started this blog to talk about movies. Review a few movies. And give out some of my favorite top ten lists. Well I have not been doing too well. I have had a few things going on here is sunny Australia (except yesterday and today when it rained buckets). Wife had a little surgery a couple months back and recovery was quick but long term she is having to relearn her body a bit. My work has decided that instead of happy workers they rather tick us off and move our schedules around almost daily. And I have been diligently attending my class but not diligently doing my homework. So because of that the blog has suffered some. 

So where do we go from here?

Close up shop? No way I have plans for this site. I want tons of people to read my page and then get a book deal, a few convention appearances, regular work as a columnist. So I can quit my crappy job and do something I love. Oh yea and walk the red carpet to a movie premiere. Maybe I should aim to do that by the last Hobbit movie.

So what will I do from here on out?

Well first got to get that traffic up. So first thing going to make a nice Facebook group. Then get rest of social media going. Have Twitter @craploadmovies (follow me) and have a Vine account just have to figure out what to do. Just need an Instagram account and should then have most social media covered. Also starting next week I promise at least one review (new or old movie) and one short top ten list a week. Also I promise to put out more general articles about movies, DVDs and the movie industry. And more long top ten lists (you know the ones were I ramble). 

I really do want this page to be a success and only way I can think of that happening is a lot of hard work and sweat. So of you have ready posts in the past or continue to read thank you very much for the support. And if this is your first time then welcome to my madness. I promise it will get better. 

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