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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Top Ten Movies That Remind Me of My Dad

Originally posted on Crap Load of Movies

October is rolling around and this is a sad time for me and my family. My father passed away in October 2010. I was close with my dad and watched a lot of movies and tv shows together. We had a lot of the same interests. So in tribute to a great man here is a top 10 of movies that remind me of dad

1) Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: The reason this movie reminds me of my dad is it surprised me how quickly he took to a kid's book. My dad read but usually books dealing with history, sports or handyman stuff. I worked for a bookstore and around the release of the fourth Harry Potter book my dad said he wanted to see what the fuss was about so I bought him the first book.  He loved it. Still remember my mom telling me how he finished it on a trip and did not have the second book. He saw a kid on the plane with a copy and actually said 'I really want to take that kid's book so I can read now.' It was hilarious and fun since I was usually alone in my household when it came to dorky conversation. I still remember his eyes lighting up when we went to see the first movie. He did get to read the last of the series before he passed away but he did miss the final movies. I wore one of his hats to both movies so he could see them with me. 

2) Scooby-Doo: I am not sure if my father actually ever watched the film version of Scooby-Doo but seeing this movie reminds me how much he loved his grand-daughters. He would watch any animated Scooby movie with my niece. Mom would describe how she would snuggle up to him at the scary bits. Knowing this makes me know he would have been the same with my boys if he ever had the opportunity to meet them. Of all things I hate he never had a chance to meet my boys.

3) Eragon: Again I am not sure if my dad ever saw the film version of the book but I know how much he loved the series. I wish the movie was better and closer to the book and then I know he would have seen it. But the book series he loved and it is bittersweet that he was not able to read them last chapter in the series.

4) The Rescuers: My earliest memory of going to the movies with my dad was my first Disney film. Dad took me and my younger brother to see this classic. It is because of this movie I always enjoy a drink and a popcorn. I saw lots of movies with my dad but the first one will always be the best. I can not wait to take my little ones to see their first movie and hopefully make a lasting impression on them as well.

5) E.T. The Extraterrestrial: This was the first blockbuster I saw with my dad. I remember me and my brothers going to see this in the only theatre in Scottsboro Alabama. It was a great day had by all. Whenever I see that little alien I have to think of my little dad (yeah he was a little short). 

6) Captain Ron: I was not there when my dad first watched this movie but I heard the story again and again. One of my best friends was living with us at the time and he and my parents sat down to watch this hilarious movie. At one scene in the movie the family and Captain Ron are partying at a Carnival type festival. Suddenly Ron is hit in the back and his glass eye goes flying out and bouncing down the street. Now my buddy broke down laughing and could not stop as he got so tickled by the scene. My dad thought his reaction was so funny that he barely watched the movie after that and just watched my buddy to see if he reacted like that again. I wish I had seen all this on the night but I felt I had because my dad relayed that story again and again.

7) Nightmare on Elm Street: I know a horror film reminds me of my dad, weird. Actually it is another story I heard for plenty over the years of what happened while watching the movie. I was not there to witness the event but while watching Elm Street with my mom and older brother my dad told the story that during the scene where Freddy's hands are stretched and his claws are scraping down the walls of the hallway our dog at the time, Dio, decided it was the perfect time to scratch on the back door to come in. According to dad and my brother when that dogs nails hit the glass of the door my mom hit the roof. It is not so much the movie but the story of what happened while watching it reminds me of dad and how much it made him smile.

8) The Smurfs: Ok I know my father never had a chance to see The Smurfs but his nickname was always Papa Smurf. He went to a local bar and they did not know his name was Robert for more then a year and only knew him as Papa Smurf. He was a happy man with a white beard a smile on his face. It was memorable that Jonathan Winters was the voice of Papa Smurf as well seeing as how my dad loved him as Mirth on Mork and Mindy. 

9) Star Wars: A New Hope: Star Wars in a drive-in was the greatest experience ever. Sadly there are no more drive-ins (well very few especially here in Australia) to give my kids the same experience. But I remember it vividly because this movie showed me how far my dad would go to make sure his family had fun. We were not a poor family but we did not have a ton of cash either so many times we had to circumvent the system. In the case of the drive-in it was hiding me and my brothers under blankets in the back of the station wagon. Bringing our own popcorn and drinks. And finally getting our spot so we could come out and enjoy a fun night at the movies. There are lots of movies I have seen with my dad and family but this one will a,ways stick with me.

10)  A Christmas Story: It is simple why this movie reminds me of my was his favorite movie. Not a year went by that the family did not sit and enjoy this Christmas classic. I always believed that the time period of the movie just reminded my dad of his own youth. And every year without fail he watched and laughed like he never saw it before. And I will continue the tradition with my own children.

There are plenty more movies and tv shows that wil, always remind me of my dad. But these 10 movies will always hold a special place in my heart. Having them in my library and watching them will always keep a little piece of him alive.

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