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Monday, May 12, 2014

I Love Top Tens

Originally Posted on Crap Load of Movies

As you can see at least 2 of my postings I have a couple top ten lists. Well I like them. I have such a large amount of movie likes that it is better to list them as top ten lists then say these are my top ten movies(but I do have a ultimate top ten list).

For example:

Top Ten Animated Movies
Top Ten Movie Series
Top Ten SciFi Movies
Top Ten Romantic Comedies
Top Ten Movies For A Rainy Day
Top Ren Movies That Make Me Think Of Food
There is even Top Ten Movies I Am Not Interested In Seeing

And I could go on and on with these lists. Some movies will overlap but ultimately you get a good look at my film tastes. I will put many of these lists up here on then blog either just Listing films or sometimes I will explain why I like these particular movies.

So for fun here is another top ten list.

Top Ten Guilty Pleasure Movies

What is a guilty pleasure movie? It is that movie you watch and enjoy but you do not like admitting to for fear of looking low class, foolish, childish, etc. It could be a movie completely opposite of what you normally like or it could be from a genre you enjoy but some odd reason you are the only person that likes this one film. And a guilty pleasure does not mean it is a bad movie. It could be a huge blockbuster but just when you tell people you like the movie everyone looks at you quizzical.

I always reference the Friends episode 'The One With All The Embryos' as a good example of a guilty pleasure movie. In the episode the Chandler and Joey are competing against Monica and Rachel in a question and answer game to see who knows who better. During the lightening round the question is asked 'Rachel says this is her favorite movie' and the boys answer 'Dangerous Liasons'. This is a great artistic film. Very high class and anyone that lists this as a favorite will look very intelligent and sophisticated. But the questions continued and Ross next says 'Her actual favorite film is' and the boys answer 'Weekend at Bernies' which is a funny movie but next to Dangerous Liasons' it is like comparing apples and oranges. So Rachel tells people one thing but actually secretly watches something a bit low class and not very artistic in comparison and maybe even loves more. It is her guilty pleasure. 

Another example I use is my older brother. Here is a man that loves his historical War movies and Sports movies. A real man's man....ggggrrrr. But little do people know that whenever it is on he watches, loves and cries during Steel Magnolias. Now he doesn't advertise this because what guy wants to be seen loving a chick flick. It would even look bad in front of your peers for liking such a film. But it is ok it is his favorite film and he can like whatever he wants. So a guilty pleasure can also just be a movie that you do not tell people you like.

So think about it. What movies do you tell people you like to look good and what movie do you actually like? Or what movies do you secretly like but tell no one? Go ahead and let us know we will not judge. Unless it is Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot.....are you kidding me.

Here are mine:

1) Super Mario Bros : Yea I like the Super Mario Bros movie. Even though it had little to nothing to do with the actual video game. And I know both Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamos hated making the movie (even though they did a great job with what they had) I just love watching it. I think it has to do with I watch the movie and go 'What the..where the heck is that in the game.' the whole time that it makes me laugh. 

2) Dudley Do-Right : I have always liked Brendan Fraser. I am always entertained by his movies (even bad ones like Furry Vengence). This made soon after doing an awesome rendition of George of the Jungle. Did not do great at box office but I always get a giggle out of it.

3) The Man Who Knew Too Little : One reason and one reason only I like this movie, Bill Murray. This one lists as one of his lower rated movies but I like it. Bill Murray is just one of those actors that is awesome in whatever he is in and this movie is no different. So I will sit and watch and enjoy.

4) Remo Williams The Adventure Begins : This little known action comedy flick came out of the 80's with a little whisper and disappeared. It was supposed to be a jumping off point for a new action series or tv series (a pilot was filmed and aired). But it did not go much of anywhere. Which is kind of sad considering that the book series , The Destroyer, it is based on has been around quite awhile. Could have been great. Just find the movie fun to watch. Nice bit of action and a story. Who could ask for more.

5) The Parent Trap (1998 and 1961) : Yup kiddie film I love. Either version is just enjoyable to me. And a character playing their own twin...cinematic gold. Plus this was probably the last movie Lindsay Lohan was any good in. And in the original Maureen O'Hara in her prime....hubba hubba.

6) Josie and the Pussycats : Loved the cartoon as a kid and the movies does not disappoint. And the movie has Alan Cumming (the best Smurf, the greatest Nightcrawler....please please please come back for new X-Men movie) playing a balding albino with a beer can't lose.

7) The Love Guru : Just one line from Mike Myers in that over the top Indian accent....'what is it you can't face' kills me every time. Rest of the movie is eh. But that one it.

8) Jersey Girl : I am a Kevin Smith fan and I really believe this movie is extremely underrated. At the time it was so different from what he had done. And was thought provoking. Now that I am a father myself I wonder how I would cope without the wife around. It just got so hurt by the whole Beniffer thing. She was in the movie for five minutes people get over it.

9) Daredevil : A lot of fanboys hate Daredevil. Why? It did exactly what it needed to do to possibly start a new franchise. Here is Daredevil. Here is his story. Here is the bad guy. And go. It only needed to be an introduction and it did that. And sorry but Ben Affleck was fine as Daredevil. Looking forward to seeing him as Batman.

10) Made of Honour : Yea it is a chick flick but I like and laugh every time. Think it has to do to the guy always wanting to play basketball with Patrick Dempsey and his friends...he gets me each time I see the movie. And we also get to see Kadeem Hardison who really should be doing more film anyway.

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